Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Technological Ineptitude

Shit, okay, I'm completely computer illiterate. I'm trying to figure out how to change my profile picture - it's not going so well. introduced me in one of her posts! Gosh, she is so awesome. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Right, so I went to 3 dance classes today and felt like a complete heffalump because the girls' are so thin and tall, and here I am at 5'3 (I think, I usually use metric. It's 161cm).
On the plus side, someone at school today said that I had become "so thin" - and for once I believed her as she had nothing to gain by saying that.
My moods fluctuate so much - I felt good about myself at that moment, but at dancing I felt so incredibly fat. I told my dance instructor that I wasn't feeling well just so that I wouldn't have to do the split-leaps, because I hate the heavy "thud" I make when I land.
I nearly passed out at one point. Despite how "woe is me" it sounds, it was actually quite amusing. I felt as though I was on a ship, and I actually saw pretty stars like in the cartoons.

In anycase, I had a salad when I got home; just lettuce and cucumber, no funny stuff. It's amazing how full a small bowl of salad can make me feel. Does anyone know if the stomach shrinks? Why are fat people always hungry? Surely the more you feed your stomach, the more it must expand? It used to take an entire plate of food to make me full.

I have an enourmous art project to hand in on Friday. I should probably get started on that.

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  1. Your stomach does not shrink. There is a predetermined size for your stomach.
    You can definitely stretch it out. And fat people stretch out their stomachs really bad, so it takes more food to fill it up, but they also eat so much it causes so many insulin surges and too much insulin clears out too much of the sugar in your blood causing the "crash" and then you are hungry again. So your body creates an insulin resistance, so it doesnt clear the sugar out of your blood, so you cant lose weight very well and youre tired a lot and they stay fat. And insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes which is why a lot of fat people get diabetes is because of that factor and several others. But you can get back on a normal eating regimen and your stomach will go back to normal size. So it can shrink. But it doesnt keep shrinking =P