Thursday, September 17, 2009

bugger bugger bugger

Omg haven't witten in a while. Alrighty, life has been pretty hectic. I'm not the type to handle change well, so the whole "coming-of-age" thing is hitting me really hard. I turned 18 yesterday - it's really not that great. I feel exactly the same as I did before, only more tired. I'm doing my driver's licence exam today (we're only allowed to do it once we've turned 18, I think it's 16 in other countries) and I think it's safe to say that I'm PEEING myself. My parents say it's not such a big deal if I fail because I can redo it in December before I go to university, but that's not the point - they've spent so much money on lessons etc. etc. and even more importantly - I've NEVER FAILED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!

On the 15th I recieved my acceptance letter from the university, which is a relief as I wasn't so sure I'd get in - the entrance exams were a bitch. I don't know why they made me write a maths paper if I'm doing a BA degree. I'm so numerically challenged, I have about as much mathematical ability as a jam doughnut.

Apart from that I finished my matric mock exams yesterday, so far my average is in the 90s. Yes, I am bragging.

I have a dress fitting for the matric dance today. Not as exited as I probably should be.

Oh, Jebus, I'm so nervous for this driver's exam. My friends who have passed theirs have being telling me how difficult the yard test is because it's on an incline, which is scaring me something terrible as I'm pretty awful at parking. On top of that it's raining cats and dogs here, I drove to the shop this morning and couldn't see out of the window even though the wipers were on full blast. Buggerit Buggerit. Fuck fuckity fuck.


If I don't blog tomorrow or tonight then you'll know I've failed. Luckily it's school holiday now so I have the entire holiday to sulk and wallow in self-pity.

Wish me luck!