Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Advice

So it seems it’s only my country that has a matric “40 days.” It’s like a tradition at schools around the country. It’s the one day where the grade 12’s get to go crazy – we intimidate the teachers and bully the little ones, it’s rather amusing. At my school we cable-tied the grade 7’s bags together, and locked everyone in their classes at breaks. The girls stuffed their shirts with pillows and pretended to be pregnant – one of my friends “went into labour” in the entrance hall. We also hijacked the intercom and made the most ridiculous announcements. I think some of the boys planted a tree in the middle of our football field. At night grade 12’s from all the schools in the area go to Stellenbosch, which is sort of like a “party town,” where we party-party ‘till the next morning and go straight to school from there.
Now I become a recluse until mocks and finals are over!

It is amazingly cold here at the moment, though it might not seem like much to someone from the Northern hemisphere. We don’t get snow where I live, but our summers are hellishly hot. I think it was 13 degrees Celsius today, which is pretty damn cold for around here. I am currently wearing 3 pairs of stockings, leggings, pyjama pants, 2 long-sleeve shirts, 2 school jerseys, a hoodie and a fleecy top. AND fluffy slippers. With bunny ears. They’re pink.

I feel like I kind of fucked up these past few days regarding my diet. I don’t know why, I’m just not as enthusiastic. My will-power has gone out the window with all my tests and projects, and I can’t stop over-eating. Since I’m working and studying so much I can’t get my usual 10000 steps in, and I think my metabolism is really messed up because I have to rely on caffeine and apple cider to ‘make me go.’
So far (today) I haven’t actually eaten anything, but I’m not hungry at all. Is this a good thing? No, I like the hungry feeling. I’m CRAVING exercise, which is strange considering how terminally lazy I am. I’m incredibly hyper at the moment, so I’ve taken to skipping around the house.

My matric dance (I believe you guys call it “prom”) is on the 9th of October, and I’ve vowed to drop at least 3 kg’s by then. I want bony shoulders, damnit!

On the plus side, I got 96% for my business test, and 90% for my design project. Currently awaiting maths results – numbers aren’t my strong point.
My business teacher thinks he’s incredibly cool, so he gave me some brilliantly useless advice today: Number 1: There are only two solutions to weight loss; “linker tekkie, en regter tekkie.” (left trainer and right trainer).
Number 2: There is only one benefit to smoking, and that’s that when you’re older your yellow teeth will look good with your brown shoes.
He’s such a sweetheart, but he’s a little weird.

(I think I use a lot of South African slang words and terms in my posts, if it doesn’t make sense just let me know.)


  1. omg i wish america had that thing with the schools that is so funny lol
    i love your blog btw

  2. That sounds like so much fun. Endless pranks!

    Sounds like you're doing really well with your grades. Keep up your hard work.

    Haha. I had an english teacher like that. He had the strangest sense of humor, but i loved it. lol.

  3. we have that in australia, except we call it "muckup day" and some schools banned it cos some of the kids went to far! and i never got to experience it cos i didnt finish school.....