Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm cold. Not the "oh, look - my nails are turning purple" kind of cold, but an internal icyness that shoots through my bones and renders me incapable of doing anything other than moving two index fingers.

I’m wearing such an insane amount of clothing that I look like a marshmallow.
What’s even more depressing than looking like a marshmallow, however, is the realization that there is no way in hell I’m going to finish my art project for tomorrow.


[10 minutes later]

Just had supper: half a gem squash, 2 button mushrooms, 10 green beans.
Unfortunately I’m forced to eat supper with my parents, because it’s “family time.” Luckily they’ve become used to my eating habits, and don’t even comment when I only eat half of what’s on my plate.
I missed dancing tonight. I think I have a torn ligament in my pelvis. I have to limp and waddle like a penguin.

Besides dinner, I haven’t had anything with a caloric value apart from a cup of coffee this morning (10 cal), so I’m convinced I’m under 200. Hopefully this will make up for lack of excersise.

Padam, Padam, Padam.

Yay! I have more followers!
Btw, the image is of Dakota Fanning - I love her shoulders.


  1. I've had that coldness before too. I think it's a good thing... but i'm not really sure. Sounds like you did well with the calorie intake though. Keep it up!

  2. I find that cayenne pepper helps with cold because it raises your body temperature. At least it works for me ; )
    I'm sorry you tore a ligament : ( That really must be terrible, I hope you feel better <3
    Stay strong <3